EP 37 Recap | Centric Inc. & Journey Johnson County


As a supposed “fly-over state,” Indiana sometimes gets a bad reputation. An often-perpetuated myth that real innovation and development only take place on the coasts rings false for Jason Williams, Executive Director of Centric Inc. Born out of that frustration, Centric aims to increase recognition of the Hoosier State as a global center for innovation by bringing forward-thinking professionals together from many industries to discuss best practices, frameworks, and skills for innovation.

The 9-year old non-profit facilitates monthly workshops for developing and implementing innovation-related skills, a need that Williams sees increasing across industries and job sectors.

“You’re seeing a lot of these softer, what I would call innovation related skills rising up the chart as far as creativity, critical thinking, empathy, [and] problem solving,” Williams said. “[They are] not only needed in the tech sector but are also needed across all sectors and all departments. Everyone really needs to be able to think creatively and be equipped with the tools and frameworks to do so.”

To best meet those needs, Centric holds an annual Day of Innovation on the Butler University Campus. Coming up on October 12, the event features keynotes, workshops, and discussions surrounding the theme of Ready, Set, Go. Tickets are still available for the all-day event that brings together professionals from across the country and throughout Indianapolis. It presents an exciting opportunity to learn new skills and make strong connections to support growth and innovation in your skills, company, and community. A discount is available if you use the coupon code EDGEOFINDY.

“I like to view [Indiana] as the Crossroads of Innovation,” Williams said. “We’ve got a lot going on here.”



If you haven’t looked outside of Indianapolis for things to do, you may be missing out. Johnson County Director of Tourism Ken Kosky highlighted the wealth of things to see, eat, and experience one county south of Indianapolis.

“There’s always been a lot of great things to do in Johnson County but I think it’s always been the best kept secret,” Kosky said.

Citing a robust craft beer scene and Mallow Run Winery’s libations and concert series, Kosky is confident that there is something for everyone.

“What we’re really known for is our events,” Kosky said. “Any weekend that you come down there is always a festival or two and just a lot of great things happening.”

If you are feeling Fall Fever, Johnson County offers perfect experiences in the Apple Works or Kelsey Farms in Whiteland. Whether you prefer apple treats or a milkshake from a working dairy farm, there is a perfect experience waiting for you. If you want to get out and reconnect with nature, consider hiking or driving a scenic route in southern Johnson County, which abuts Brown county and shares similar beauty as leaves change in late October.

For those interested in a nostalgic experience, Greenwood’s Mrs. Curl Ice Cream provides delicious frozen treats in a seasonal setting. The award-winning ice cream parlor has plans to expand to a new location and is known for fantastic treats that are delicious in autumn as well as summer heat. They close for the season on October 31, so get your fix before time runs out!

From fantastic bed and breakfasts to the historic Artcraft Theater of Franklin, Johnson County has a host of experiences waiting for you to discover.

You can learn more about tourism locations and events at Kosky and his team, which has been in full force since April of this year, has created lists of the Top Ten Selfie Locations in Johnson County, as well as an interactive hashtag #JourneyJoCo. Sharing your photo with that hashtag will push it to their homepage as well so that your experience can be part of the conversation.

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