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EP 38 Recap | Women & Hi-Tech and Pass the Torch for Women Foundation

WOMEN & HI-TECH The impact that women bring to businesses across industry sectors is immeasurable – their unique skill sets, experiences, and outlook can transform teams. That’s why the relatively low number of female participants in STEM fields is so concerning. That’s also why the non-profit organization Women & Hi-Tech was founded in 1999: to […]

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EP 37 Recap | Centric Inc. & Journey Johnson County

CENTRIC INC. As a supposed “fly-over state,” Indiana sometimes gets a bad reputation. An often-perpetuated myth that real innovation and development only take place on the coasts rings false for Jason Williams, Executive Director of Centric Inc. Born out of that frustration, Centric aims to increase recognition of the Hoosier State as a global center […]

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