EP 58: Tulip Tree Creamery & Family Choice Surrogacy

March 18, 2018

We’ve got another great show on the docket for this week – we’ll eat a little cheese and do some family planning. First up we have Tulip Tree Creamery – a local, urban creamery that will make you want to eat your weight in cheese. Plus, Family Choice Surrogacy – a company that wants to help educate Indy on all the family building options available. All that and more, this week on the EDGE.

Tulip Tree Creamery was founded in 2014 by Fons Smits and Laura Davenport after Smits traveling all over the world consulting and developing small to medium scale dairy plants.

They are located on the northwest side of Indianapolis and looking to move into their own facility in the next year.

To learn more about their cheeses, see their inventory, or sign up for one of their classes – visit their website: LINK

We don’t know about you, but we are still struggling with Daylight Saving from last week but do you know why Daylight Saving exists? On this week’s Paul Poteet on the EDGE we discuss that and we have a new way to relieve stress at work (Erin’s not too fond of this idea). Plus, would you reuse your toilet paper?

Everything you always wanted to know about Daylight Saving(S) Time – LINK

It’s a good idea to have a voodoo doll of your boss – LINK

It’s time to ditch TP for a “Family Cloth” – LINK

Family Choice Surrogacy is an agency located in Indiana but they serve parents across the globe to navigate Intended Parents and Surrogates through every step of the process.

Family Choice Surrogacy was started by Leah Potter after she experiencing her own infertility. She decided to help families fulfill their dreams of becoming parents by helping them through the world of surrogacy.

To learn more about the organization, please visit: LINK

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