EP 2: Robby Slaughter of AccelaWork & Upland Brewery

January 06, 2017


Robby Slaughter is the founder of AccelaWork – who provide insourced speaking, consulting, and coaching for your clients and prospects in the area of business improvement.

Robby is also the author of several books, including “Failure: The Secret to Success” and “The Battle For Your Email Inbox” – Click here to purchase a book now!

Robby joined us on the show to discuss his latest work with AccelaWork as well the business culture in Indianapolis.

Plus, this week’s show sponsor is Upland Brewery! We had Dusty Howe, Sour Beer Brand Manager for Upland Brewing comes in the studio and brought along some of Upland’s sour beer. Sour beer has grown in popularity and Dusty talks with us about how Upland is marketing in this trend.



Quote of the Show:

“Often the best advocate for change is an employee who has just left because they know everything that is wrong in that organization. They’ve been complaining, they’ve been frustrated and they’ve made a powerful decision which is I’d rather not be paid than keep working for you.”-Robby Slaugther

Show Notes
  • 2:35

    Robby Slaugther Introduction

  • 5:55

    Who is the best advocate of change in an organization?

  • 17:40

    The culture at AccelaWork

  • 26:30

    Robby telling us about the books he’d authored

  • 44:50

    Beginning of interview with Upland Brewing Co.

  • 46:50

    History of Upland Brewing Co.

  • 50:30

    What beers were brought into the studio

  • 57:00

    Taste change in beer drinkers

  • 1:00:00

    Tasting beer in studio

  • 1:14:40

    What to expect in 2017 for Upland Brewing Co.

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