EP 56: Indy with Kids & IndyHub’s “No Mean City”

February 22, 2018

This week we’re tapping into two of Indy’s best resources – that’s Indy with Kids, a resource for Indianapolis’ parents and IndyHub – a resource for the professional millennials among us who are here to tell us about No Mean City.

If you are a parent and live in central Indiana, then you better know about Indy with Kids. Katy Mann, the creator of Indy with Kids, moved to Indianapolis in 2002 and struggled to find information on local parks and events that suited her young family’s needs. So, she set out to create that resource.

Be sure to check out her website with great information on what to do with your family over spring break!

To visit her website, please visit: https://indywithkids.com/

And finally, we’re back together with Paul Poteet as he has found some interesting stories to get us back…on the EDGE!

Hostess Brands has a delicious twist on the recent trend of tax-reform-related bonuses – LINK

Next big thing? Earlobe reduction! – LINK

There’s something special in these Burritos – LINK

Did you see the “No Mean City” video that circulated around social media a couple months ago? Well, we caught up with IndyHub in this show, who produced the video, to find out more about the meaning behind this new cause.

If you haven’t heard of IndyHub before, they are an advocate for 20/30-year-olds to help them get connected with the city of Indianapolis.

To learn more about the organization, please visit: https://www.indyhub.org/

To learn more about No Mean City, please visit: http://nomeancity.com/

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