EP 52: Savor Downtown Indy, Fat Dan’s Chicago-Style Deli, & Just Pop In!

January 26, 2018

We hope you’re hungry, Indy. First, we’ll be talking to Savor Downtown Indy, an event coming up that will get you awesome deals at some of Indy’s greatest restaurants, including Fat Dan’s Deli, who is also here.

Then, for dessert, we’ll welcome Just Pop In! – a local company owned by two bubbly twins with a heart for philanthropy, who are popping up ALL over the place.

Get your appetite ready – today on the Edge!

Savor Downtown Indy is a 2-week event where Indy can enjoy special offers at some of the best restaurants in the Circle City.

Susan Decker is the CEO of Susan Decker Media and organizer of Savor Downtown Indy and she brought along one of our favorite restaurants at Site Strategics, Fat Dan’s Chicago-Style Deli.

Mara Segerson, the Director of Operations of Fat Dan’s Chicago-Style Deli, talks to Erin and Brittany about why they excited to be a part of this year’s Savor Downtown Indy and what we can expect from their restaurant this year.

To see all of the options and menus available for Savor Downtown Indy, please visit: https://www.savordowntownindy.com/

You have to appreciate someone who has the knack of pulling off a good prank. Well, one lady was able to pull off a prank four years after her death. Find out these weird and wacky stories and more this week on the Paul Poteet on the EDGE.

Woman pranks her hubby from beyond the grave: LINK

You can buy a 72-pound wheel of cheese at Costco: LINK

Japan’s new “Coke Plus” contains a laxative: LINK

“Twin”-preneurs Mandy Selke and Carly Swift, the co-owners of Just Pop In, are also on today’s show to talk about their new popcorn bar that will be opening this spring!

Just Pop In was created in 2003 and Mandy and Carly are out to celebrate happiness. After watching their segment, you can see how they embody that every day.

You can visit their Broad Ripple location or visit them in Terminal B of the Indianapolis Airport.

Or, you can visit their website: https://www.justpopinpopcorn.com/

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