EP 53: Arts Council of Indianapolis, Jiffy Lube of Indiana, & Cake Bake Shop

February 02, 2018

Public art and cake – what could be better?!? We’re back for another great show, Indianapolis, and we’re glad you’re along for the ride. On today’s show, we’ll be joined to talk art with the Arts Council of Indianapolis and perhaps an unexpected partner – that’s Jiffy Lube of Indiana.

Then, we’re talking with the owner of The Cake Bake Shop, an Indianapolis staple. All that and more, this week on the EDGE!

After opening several Jiffy Lubes across the city of Indianapolis, Steve Sanner, the owner of Jiffy Lube of Indiana, thought the sides of his buildings looked a little boring. As Jiffy Lube of Indiana expands their mural project, they’re working with the Arts Council of Indianapolis to transform ten more of their store locations into beautiful works of art. Julia Muney Moore, Director of Public Art of the Arts Council of Indianapolis, joined us as well.

Both Steve and Julia are on the show this week to talk about where the idea came from and what some of their favorite pieces of art are on the Jiffy Lube buildings.

So the next time you drive by a Jiffy Lube, look at the beautiful art on the side of their buildings!

To learn more about Jiffy Lube of Indiana, visit: http://jiffylubeindiana.com/

To learn more about the Arts Council of Indianapolis, visit: https://indyarts.org/

The greatest thing to come from Amazon since Amazon Prime has been announced – yes, the Oreo Cookie Club. Plus a fish has human teeth and cocktails from KFC? Find out more this week on Paul Poteet on the EDGE!

Arizona fisherman catches fish with human-ish teeth (My Eyes!!) – LINK

Stock-tails are cocktails infused with animal stock or bone broth. KFC published recipes for stock-tails using KFC gravy – LINK

You can subscribe to an Oreo Cookie Club on Amazon – LINK

Have you been to the Cake Bake Shop in Broad Ripple? Well, if you don’t get there soon you’ll be stuck in a big line. In the upcoming March issue of Oprah the Magazine, The Cake Bake Shop will be featured on Oprah’s “O” List for 2018.

The Cake Bake Shop owner and founder, Gwendolyn Rogers, is on the show today and she brought along an amazing chocolate cake!

In this episode, Gwendolyn shares about some of the lessons she learned in running her own business and gives some insight into what to expect after appearing on the “O” List.

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