EP 50: Sharpen Technologies & Suburban Indy Shows

January 13, 2018

On today’s show, we’ll be joined by two awesome, successful entrepreneurs. One in SaaS, that’s Cameron Weeks of Sharpen Technologies and the other is ready to bring you a series of great home and garden events – that’s Donnell Herberer Walton of Suburban Indy Shows.

Sharpen Technologies is a SaaS company located here in Indianapolis and they help customer service teams with leadership, operations, and the IT they need to support customers.

Their platform is built using innovative technology to help customer service agents eliminate common barriers in contact centers.

CEO Cameron Weeks joins the show this week to talk about his entrepreneurial journey and what we can expect from Sharpen Technologies in the future.

To learn more about Sharpen, please visit: LINK

Have you heard about the latest tattoo trend? What about this unusual Mexican holiday or the new tech that would allow your pet to call you? All these stories and more this week with Paul Poteet on the Edge.

Woman’s tattoo across her heart plays the final voicemail from her late grandmother – LINK

Apparently, a Mexican holiday tradition is to eat lots of tamales. LOTS. – LINK

New tech allows you your pet to call you – LINK

Have you ever been to a Suburban Indy Show? Coming up in a month you can attend the first show of 2018 – the Home & Outdoor Living Spring Show from February 8-11.

Suburban Indy Show was founded by Donell Herberer Walton and she joins Brittany to talk about her idea for the shows, what type of shows they currently do, plus we find out what they have in store for 2019!

To get tickets for the upcoming Home & Outdoor Living Spring Show, please visit: LINK

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