EP 42: Samantha Smith, Indiana Blood Center, Be the Match & Project 44

November 09, 2017

Today’s show is undoubtedly going to save lives and inspire our city. We’re banding together with an amazing local woman – Samantha Smith – and two groups walking beside her on a harrowing journey, that’s the Indiana Blood Center and Project 44. Saving a life is really as simple as a swab of the cheek, Indy!

From moving out of a dysfunctional home at the age of fourteen to becoming a widow at the age of 24, Samantha Smith certainly knows that life is a journey. Her husband, Butler basketball star Andrew Smith, died at the age of 25 from cancer and while her husband’s health struggle was very public, her own struggles were not.

Samantha Smith has found a new passion and purpose to help lead others through pain and help them find their own purpose. She has spoken to thousands of people in the last couple years and even delivered a TedXLilly Talk. Now, she’s looking to for additional public speaking opportunities – and that’s where you come in!

To learn more about Samantha Smith, please visit: LINK

We cannot reiterate this enough to businesses throughout Indianapolis – book her to speak!

Let’s just say that sometimes it is best to not have a child on Halloween, especially if your doctor is a BIG Halloween fan. Paul Poteet sure found some wacky/crazy stories for this week’s Paul Poteet on the Edge!

A woman in Australia claims McDonald’s employees took a bite out of her food – LINK

In Florida (of course) an actress was arrested after allegedly slamming a birthday cake on the head of her boyfriend while he tried to go to sleep. SURPRISE! – LINK

This Doctor is a Joker! Sometimes babies are born on Halloween, and sometimes the DR showed up in costume – LINK

Did you know that with a simple swab of the cheek, you could potentially save a life? It’s true and Angela Touseull, the Community Engagement Representative for Be The Match Indiana, joins us on the Edge of Indy to talk about how Be The Match works to save lives every single day.

Plus Krissi Edgington with the help of Samantha Smith, the Indiana Blood Center, and Be The Match has developed a program at Butler University called Project 44 in honor of Samantha’s late husband Andrew Smith, who proudly wore the number.

Project 44’s goal is simple – to register enough potential donors in the Be The Match registry to save 44 lives. Right now there is a 1:430 ratio of registrants to matches in the Be The Match system, and so 18,920 new people are needed to register.

If you are interested in joining the Be The Match Registry, please visit: LINK

Or you can visit: LINK

Or you can text ‘ANDREW’ to 38470 to get more information.

Be sure to watch for #Project44 on social too!

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