EP 29: Baby Got Brunch, Patachou Foundation, Eat Here Indy, & Goose the Market

August 10, 2017

On today’s episode – Have you heard about Indy’s newest brunch festival? Well, it has a catchy name – Baby Got Brunch.

The festival will celebrate the great brunch spots in Central Indiana and will benefit the Patachou Foundation. Plus, we have the Eat Here Indy crew and Goose the Market!

Ashley Brooks, of Milktooth and the Garfield Farmers Market, sat down with us to share how she decided Indy could benefit from highlighting some of the best brunch spots. Baby Got Brunch’s mission is to promote restaurants with innovative brunch menus and use the proceeds to support The Patachou Foundation.

The Patachou Foundation is a great local organization that is looking to feed wholesome meals to food-insecure school children in our community and teach them to create healthy habits. Matthew Feltrop, the Director of the Patachou Foundation, joins this segment as well, to talk about how they help feed under-resourced neighborhoods and applaud the vision and work of founder, Martha Hoover.

If you are an Indianapolis restaurant looking to join Baby Got Brunch, feel free to connect with Ashley via email: brooks.ashleyr@gmail.com

If you want to purchase a ticket to this event, please visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/baby-got-brunch-tickets-36271845065

To learn more about the Patachou Foundation, please visit: http://thepatachoufoundation.org/

It’s time for another segment of Paul Poteet on the Edge . This week’s stories include a brilliant counterfeiter, a new beer called ‘Fried Fried Chicken Chicken’, and is anyone interested in buying a clown hotel?


Eat Here Indy is a digital media channel dedicated to Indianapolis food and dining – they provide scalable solutions for photo/video production, social media strategy & distribution, influencer engagement and anything else a restaurant or someone in the hospitality industry might need. Brad Houser, Founder and President, and Austin Burris, Managing partner, joined us to discuss more about their business and where some of their favorite brunch spots are in central Indiana.

We were also re-joined by Chris Eley, Owner of Goose the Market and Smoking Goose, to chat about his involvement in Baby Got Brunch and the latest news, events and offerings out of his restaurants.

To learn more about Eat Here Indy, visit their website: https://www.eathereindy.com/

To see the delicious meats from Goose the Market, visit their website: http://www.goosethemarket.com/

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