EP 47: PitchFeast and Pivot Point

December 14, 2017

On this episode of the Edge of Indy, we’re talking entrepreneurship with PitchFeast and gender equality in the workplace with Pivot Point.

PitchFeast is a public charity that focuses on helping under-resourced entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises by providing business development support and technical training.

Kendrea Williams, the CEO of PitchFeast, joins us on the show to tell us a little more about her organization and how they are helping the entrepreneurs in the city.

To learn more about PitchFeast, please visit: LINK

Oh, the things we do to go viral…One group’s attempt at creating a YouTube video ended with them cementing someone’s head into a microwave. Paul Poteet certainly found some interesting stories this week on Paul Poteet on the Edge!

Guys cemented a dude’s head into a microwave for a wacky YouTube video. What could go wrong? – LINK

This Good Boy is gonna be ok, despite eating 21 pacifiers – LINK

Lady leaves a dirty diaper surprise for package thieves – LINK

Pivot Point is an organization, founded by Julie Kratz, to provide strategies, tools, and ideas for women and men to build career game plans and help improve gender equality in the workplace.

Julie has also written a book called “One: How Male Allies Support Women for Gender Equality” to help men and women leaders employ strategies to help facilitate success in their business.

To learn more about Pivot Point, please visit: LINK

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