EP 40: Damar Services & Big Lug Canteen

October 30, 2017

#IndyBandsTogether – You may have seen the hashtag on social media recently and so we wanted to find out more about this campaign. Damar Services is the company behind it and we brought them in the studio to learn more about what it means. Plus Big Lug Canteen is here they brought drinks and cake! Find out what is happening at Big Lug Canteen and we have more weird and wacky news from Paul Poteet this week on Edge of Indy.

Damar Services is great organization located on the southwest side of Indianapolis. If you haven’t heard of them before they help people challenged by autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and related behavioral challenges to live more successful lives.

As a parent of a child with autism, intellectual or developmental disabilities, the fear of losing a child is too real. They are prone to running away or wandering off and in that instance, the sooner someone is found the better. So, as a part of their mission, Damar launched a campaign with the Indianapolis Colts called #IndyBandsTogether where they are raising funds with the help of local firefighters to buy wristbands or anklets with small transmitters to help find a missing person quickly.

Listen to our segment with Jenny Peter-Reece, Vice President of Communications at Damar Services, talk more about this campaign and all of the great services that Damar offers.

To learn more about this campaign, please visit: http://www.damar.org/indybandstogether

A garbage truck crashes into an interesting place, an urn donated to the Salvation Army, and a couple gets a surprise in their latest order from Amazon! All these stories and more from this week’s Paul Poteet on the Edge. Here are this week’s stories:

A garbage truck plowed into a *interestingly* named business – LINK

A Salvation Army thrift store in New Hampshire has received an urn apparently filled with cremated remains – LINK

Florida couple ordered storage totes from Amazon. They got a bonus. 65 pounds of weed – LINK

Eddie Sahm, the owner of Big Lug Canteen, joins us this week on the Edge of Indy to talk about all of his area restaurants – Sahm’s Tavern, Sahm’s Place, Sahm’s Ale House, Sahm’s at Parkwood, Sahm’s Restaurant and Pub, Sahm’s Atrium at the Tower and Big Lug Canteen.

And of course, he brought us some drinks and his specialty – coffee cake!

Join Nate and Erin in the conversation as they talk food, beer, and the Indianapolis restaurant scene!

To see the menu of Big Lug Canteen, please visit: http://biglugcanteen.com/

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