EP 16: MS Companies, ClusterTruck, & Live Your Light

May 04, 2017

What an amazing show do we have for you this week on the Edge of Indy!

First on the show is Pete Butler – the CEO, President, and Founder of MS Companies. MS Companies was founded in 1999 with a different outlook on hiring. They looked to place individuals in opportunities that engage individuals in short-term, or project-based, employment that they call the “Gig Economy.”

In their 18-year existence, MS Companies is now one of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation that has a 200,000 person talent pool and supports 900 customers across 14 states.

Listen to Pete Butler tell his story and learn more about his company’s history in this episode!

ClusterTruck joins us in the second segment of our show and are fresh off of winning two Mira Awards! If you haven’t heard of ClusterTruck before, it is a combination of technology and dining. They are literally revolutionizing the way food is ordered, prepared, and delivered. They have combined 10 food-truck style menus under one roof and you can order from any menu and get free delivery!

We are big fans of their service at Site Strategics as we regularly order lunches from their – plus they have a great group ordering function too!

Check out their menu and service on their website!

Stacey Smith, Sheri Strzelecki, Leah Brady, Lindsay Dotzlaf and Lindsey Mango all joined us for the last segment on the show to recap their livestreaming event Live Your Light that happened this past Sunday. Edge Media Studios had the opportunity to do on-site conference recording and livestreaming for them this past week too.

In this segment we recap the highlights from the event, discuss the technology Edge Media Studios used to record and stream the event, and talk about future events with Live Your Light.

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MS Companies

Live Your Light

Live Your Light


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